Infrastructure Services & Operations

Today’s financial institutions face a regulatory market that is constantly evolving. Changing regulations require managers to plan, prepare and implement a compliance program and detail their current reporting and controls in a more rigorous manner than ever before.

From strategy and design to ongoing operations, Cronos helps clients create a more cost-effective, secure and responsive IT infrastructure that easily scales and adapts to business needs and regulatory changes.

The design of a front-to-back, straight through process (STP) has been paramount in achieving these goals. Many buy and sell side clients recognise it as an essential foundation to supporting the expansion of trading and clearing in the global markets. The goal of STP is to automate the business and technology processes within a firm and to ensure electronic connectivity to all appropriate counterparties.

Cronos STP methodology incorporates single data entry points for execution, order and portfolio management systems, systems for regulatory purposes and centralised data through Misys products that can be used by many other downstream systems accounting, tax, risk, and customer relationship management systems . Centralising data is a derivative of STP that delivers the benefit of allowing all end users and systems to share information with an absolute degree of data integrity. The implementation of new technologies and business processes provides clients with the ability to scale their business based on investment strategy and asset growth as well as keep up with the rapid speed of the domestic and global markets.

Cronos’s strength lies in simplifying an investment operation to use as few systems as possible. Together with our clients, we define the required functionalities across the firm and then decide on the best course of action, whether it is to build, buy, or outsource a system that handles the most essential functions and maintains an open architecture. We build around this core by utilising other smaller products that will alleviate the need for manual processes and intervention.